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Video Editing by Corey Powers


Growing up in Marin County surrounded by a family of musicians and performers, my love of the arts started at a very young age. I edited my first few music videos and short films while attending Marin School of the Arts and knew I wanted to learn more. After spending a few years living in New York and Los Angeles as a musician, I was thrilled to focus once again on video production through "Story Bored," a production company in which I am currently the primary editor of our web series, sketches and short films. In the past year I’ve also spent time cutting actors reels and am excited to use the skills I've honed to contribute to larger projects.

I believe my musicality helps me in the editing room, finding a unique rhythm in each project to create a polished final product that highlights the person or story's distinct tone. To see some of my work, check out the portfolio page on my website! 



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Body of Work

Below you will find videos that Corey has edited, colored, and done sound design for. 



PA's is a web series Corey has done assembly, color, sound, and mixing on. 


Story Bored

Story Bored is a production company started by Corey and friends, A majority of Story Bored's features are edited solely by Corey. For questions about specific videos please contact me here.



Assembly on reels. For more info on pricing and more see here.


Reels ($99)

What you get: 4 clips provided by you with bookend title cards including contact info and headshots. 

(additional clips added for $15 per clip)

Web Series/

Comedy Short

What you get: Assembly, sound, and color.

Contact me to set up appointment to discuss needs and pricing that works within YOUR budget!

Short Films

Assembly and color only.

Sound mixing will be referred to my trusted collaborator Joshua Manley at www.soundslikesterling.com



For questions, projects, or to set up a meeting please use the form below with a brief description of what you're reaching out about! I look forward to working with you!


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